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Stalin`s and Lenin`s bodies in Mausoleum

Though Stalin's body had been embalmed, it was only prepared for the three day lying-in-state. It was going to take much more preparation to make the body seem unchanged for generations.

Stalin near Lenin`s body, 1924

Rare historical photo: Joseph Stalin near Lenin`s body, 1924.

A.Shchusev, author of the Lenin mausoleum projectWhen Lenin died in 1924, Professor Vorobyev had done the embalming. It was a complicated process that resulted in an electric pump being installed inside Lenin's body to maintain a constant humidity.

When Stalin died in 1953, Professor Vorobyev had already passed away. Thus, the job of embalming Stalin went to Professor Vorobyev's assistant, Professor Zharsky. The embalming process took several months.

In November 1953, seven months after Stalin's death, the tomb was reopened. Stalin lay in a coffin, under glass, near the body of Lenin.

Stalin and Lenin in mausoleum
Stalin`s and Lenin`s bodies in Lenin mausoleum
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